To supply practical knowledge through various mediums to the men and women in law enforcement and the communities they serve. Understanding that information changes situations.


The Community is often the left out piece of Policing. We at Cadet. Rookie. Cop. provide in-depth training and materials to members of the community in the form of Books, Online Courses, and in person events. We specifically cover areas of Police and Community interactions, Personal Safety and Awareness, Neighborhood Watch, and Career Transitions into Law Enforcement. 


We look to bridge the informational and skill gaps many Police Applicants suffer from during the hiring process, by making Applicants better well-rounded through information and training. At Cadet. Rookie. Cop. we provide Books, Online Courses, and Private Recruiting Events; to help prospective Applicants be more competitive in the hiring process.


Cadets are the future of our profession. At Cadet. Rookie. Cop. we focus on producing high-performance Cadets, who are leaders in the Academy so that they can be confident, educated, and prepared leaders on the Streets. We accomplish this through our suite of Books, Online Courses, and Events geared toward helping Cadets excel during their training.


Rookies are the lifeblood of a Department, ensuring a continuous influx of new talent, and ideas. At Cadet. Rookie. Cop. we aim to make the transition from Cadet to Officer as smooth as possible, by helping fill the gaps in experience with quality resources, training, and reference manuals. We have helped tens of Rookies not only make it off of FTO but excel during their time in the program.


Officers, regardless of rank, are the leaders and bearers of knowledge across the profession. They are looked to in times of need, to be teachers, mentors, and trainers. At Cadet. Rookie. Cop. we focus on the details, the small nuisances in law, methodologies, and tactics that can help take you to new levels of productivity and professionalism.



If you are just starting out or even considering a career in law enforcement, this is a great resource.


Good basic patrol guide for rookie officers and some old vets alike


Great guide for cadets and first year rookies. Definitely worth the read.

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