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It started with a book.

Nothing more than a proof of concept really. A confirmation that people out in the world weren’t looking for handouts so much as hand-ups. Proof that there was a silent majority of prospective and active professionals looking to take their skills and knowledge to new levels. Our space, our base, is and forever will be unapologetically Law Enforcement.


But not in the traditional sense of high-speed tactics, firearms training, or warrior mentality. We realized while there are plenty of training companies out there that train, and write literature for Police and Civilians alike in those areas, the market was saturated. And, let’s be honest, alienating to the communities they served.

Then it clicked… We are! Cadet. Rookie. Cop.

We’re a Professional Development and Training based Education Company, for prospective Applicants, Cadets and Rookies, active Police Officers and Community Members. We utilize various education mediums (Books, Online Courses, and In-Person Training) to fill the gaps in training found in the industry.


Our flagship book “The Rookie Handbook: A quick reference guide to calls for service”, was written to help bridge the training deficit between the Academy and actually hitting the streets on Patrol, that many new Officers experience.


We thrive off of paying attention to the details. We are a diverse team of men and women, many of whom work actively as Police Officers. We look to make the complicated simple, and present information in an easy to retain and recall format for the betterment of the Law Enforcement profession.


So we asked ourselves a few questions . . .

  • While everyone is training cops on how to become more lethal, who is training cops to be more human?

  • Who’s training cops to be more proficient, and efficient at their jobs?

  • Who’s helping applicants get hired?

  • Who is helping minorities gain greater representation in Policing?

  • And who is helping to bridge the gap between the community and Law Enforcement?

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