What's 30for30?

  • ​30 for 30 is the only small group workshop for police applicants. 

  • The sole purpose of 30 for 30 is to get applicants hired.

  • 30 for 30 covers the main aspects of the police hiring process (police applications, oral board, chief interviews, physical fitness test, and more).

Treat every aspect of the hiring process with professionalism.

Date, Time and Location:


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Your reputation starts as soon as you submit your first application.  

Registration is not open for ticket purchase.

What you'll get at 30for30 Event:

Personal 1-on-1 review and consultation of your law enforcement application (initial, background packet, personal history questionnaire) in a small focus group format.

A panel of active law enforcement personnel will be on hand to check your applications for mistakes, inaccuracies, legibility, and competitiveness.

Network with other applicants, officers, and recruiters. 


Opportunity for 1-one1 and group Q&A about police applications, departments, and hiring process steps.

Free copy, print, and scanning services on-site.


On-site Notary Public.


  • There are 17,985 Police Departments Nationwide.

  • Approximately 701,000 active law enforcement officers.

  • The law enforcement sector is projected to grow by 6.8% over the next 5 -  10 years.

  • In any given year there is an average of 700,000 applicants applying to get on with these agencies.

  • Most applicants don't get past the initial application process

Don't get left in the crowd.

Gallery of Past Events

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