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What's 30for30?

  • ​30 for 30 is a one on one personal coaching session for police applicants, cadets, and rookie officers

  • The sole purpose of 30 for 30 is to help get applicants through the police hiring process, cadets through the police academy, and rookies off to a headstart in their careers.

  • During  30 for 30 sessions, we can cover anything from the hiring process to retirement and everything in between (police applications, oral boards, out of state processes, academy tips, FTO, and more).

Treat every aspect of your career with professionalism.



Every Monday - Friday


09:00 - 09:30 am CST

09:45 - 10:15 am CST

*If you purchase both time slots, sessions will run from 09:00 - 10:00 am CST.



*Sessions will be done virtually through ZOOM 


Your reputation starts as soon as you submit your first application. 

Registration is not open for ticket purchase.

We are getting excited about the #Texas

What you'll get at 30for30:

Personal 1-on-1 review and consultation of your law enforcement application, the police application process, police academy success plan, FTO, deferred investments, etc.

Speak with active law enforcement personnel only, who are still on the streets, at the academy, and are active FTO's. 

Get the answers you need for your unique situation, no generalizations. 


Opportunity to develop long term career plans, retirement goals, and maximize your career.

Access from anywhere in the world.

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  • There are 17,985 Police Departments Nationwide.

  • Approximately 701,000 active law enforcement officers.

  • The law enforcement sector is projected to grow by 6.8% over the next 5 -  10 years.

  • In any given year there is an average of 700,000 applicants applying to get on with these agencies.

  • Most applicants don't get past the initial application process

Don't get left in the crowd.

Gallery of Past Events

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