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Xavier is a United States Navy Veteran, who served on-board the USS NEW YORK (LPD21). He is the Chief Researcher and Content Creator for the team. Most of his free time is spent either reading or writing books and literature.

Currently, Xavier works as a Peace Officer in the State of Texas and writes reference guides and training manuals for people actively in and looking to enter the Law Enforcement field. Xavier has an unyielding appetite for information, and a desire to take the complicated and simplify it so anyone can apply and utilize the knowledge.

Chief Executive Officer


Law Enforcement and Veteran Owned. We’re a Professional Development & Training based Education Company focused on making the complicated simple.


Chief Comunications Officer

Valerie is Graduate of John Jay College with a Degree in Criminal Justice. She is the resident contract and sales closer of the team. In her free time, Valerie likes to organize and host philanthropic events in the community for children and the underprivileged.

Currently, Valerie works as a Peace Officer in the State of Texas and can often be seen out and about in various community relations events. Valerie has always understood the need of giving back to the community and bridging the gap between Police and the communities they serve.


Chief Operating Officer

Natacha operates as the jack of all trades. Holding multiple Degrees and Certifications in various fields; from Nursing, and EMT, to Business and Marketing; she can handle pretty much anything that comes up, and often does!  

Currently, Natacha works as the lead Marketing and Branding expert for the team across all mediums. In her free time Natacha likes to research and create new marketing materials, while connecting with people and learning what makes each person unique.

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