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Rookie Equipment series part 1: THE PATROL BAg

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Graduation is looming or your fresh out the Academy and your first day of FTO is next week. Either way, your Department has likely given you a lot of standard issue equipment: duty belt, firearm, uniform, ballistic resistant vest, etc. Unfortunately, that isn’t nearly the extent of what you’ll need working the streets on patrol. While every officer’s personal loadout is unique, pretty no officer is caught without some variant of a patrol bag.

A patrol bag is simply a multipurpose bag, that comes in various configurations that enable officers to access their most utilized equipment. There are literally a metric ton of options to choose from, off-brand to top of the line. Word to the wise, this, like all police equipment is best not left to the bargain aisle. You do, as the old adage states, “get what you pay for”.

There are lots of things to consider when you’re picking out your patrol bag. Quality stitching and material, along with zippers and MOLLE are an absolute must. Bags made out of 600D Cordura or higher will help ensure longevity in dynamic patrol environments. You want to look for a patrol bag that has a reliable, lightweight but sturdy internal frame. Having a cloth sack, or ditty bag is the last thing you need when searching for a specific item, as they lack organization.


1.) 5.11 Patrol Ready Duty Bag for Police Law Enforcement Security, Style 59012, Black

Product Description:

  • Capacity - 2442 cubic inch / 40 liter total capacity, Weight - 3.3 lbs.

  • Versatile and customizable police patrol bag

  • All-weather 600D Polyester with YKK zippers

  • Durable nylon carrying handles with secure closure

  • Two zippered pockets on the lid

  • Transparent ID/business card window

  • Removable shoulder strap with heavy-duty clips

  • Integrated organizer with loop and side panel

A tried and true option, you can’t go wrong with and Patrol Bag Option from 5.11 Tactical. Quality build from a reputable company.

2.) Hatch Patrol Duty Bag

Product Description:

The D1 Patrol Duty Bag is constructed of 840 denier, water-resistant nylon with PVC backing and features heavy-duty zippers and a removable nylon web shoulder strap. It has a spacious interior compartment with an adjustable divider and a removable rigid bottom, two zippered cargo pockets and six pen/pencil pockets. The exterior has two zippered cargo pockets, two flip-top pockets, and three open-top pockets for the ultimate in organization.

An off-brand that has its ability to hold up to the abuse patrol bags experience on patrol. You’ll definitely save a few dollars with this one, without sacrificing to much in quality and durability.

3.) 5.11 Wingman Patrol Bag for Law Enforcement Police Vehicle Passenger Seat, Style 56045

Product Description:

An ideal patrol partner, the 5.11 Wingman Patrol Bag is designed to ride in the passenger seat with the upper panel fastened around the headrest, serving as an organizer, tool kit, and tactical bag. The Wingman Patrol Bag will keep our gear stable, secure, and within easy reach. When it's time to disembark, the bag becomes a traditional patrol bag.

A bit more expensive I know, but if you ride solo while on patrol, this may be a great option for you. Its unique design allows it to fasten to the passenger seat of your patrol vehicle, increasing the ease of access to important items.

4.) NPUSA Mens Large 22" Duffel Duffle Military Molle Tactical Gear Shoulder Strap Travel Bag

Product Description:

  • Material: 600D High Density Polyester for daily durable use. Interior waterproof PVC lining provides protection from water. Available in Black, ACU Digital Camo, ACU Navy Digital Camo, Tan

  • Excellent storage: 2 front buckle strap pockets, 2 zippered front pockets, 2 side zippered pockets, U-shape opening main pocket

  • Attachment points: molle strap system on sides, 2 front D-rings, 2 side (4 total) buckle snap straps

  • Removable adjustable shoulder strap with pad; Heavy duty branded zippers; main handle has wrap-around velcro strap for better grip

For when Brands and Labels aren’t important, save a few bucks by passing up on the name recognition. Quality patrol bag that checks all the boxes, while being easy on the Rookie wallet. Probation life is real, can’t work that OT just yet!

5.) Nexpak Tactical Duffle Military Molle Gear Shoulder Strap Range Bag 18" Black

Product Description:

  • Attachment points: molle strap system on sides, 3 front D-rings, 2 side (4 total) buckle snap load compression/hangstraps

  • Storage: 4 front buckle strap pockets, 2 large zippered front pockets, U-shape opening main compartment, 2 zippered pockets on top of main compartment flap, 2 side zippered pockets on each side

  • Removable adjustable shoulder strap with pad; Heavy duty branded zippers; main handle has wrap-around velcro strap for better grip

  • 600HD High-Density Polyester with PVC water-resistant lining

Another Paycheck friendly option that gets the job done without all the frills. Quality build, affordable and will last you for years to come. Great Patrol Bag option for anyone on the streets.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer here, but hopefully, these options can help you narrow it down. Personally, I’m sporting a 5.11 Tactical when I do my 41 check, but the other options on this list are just as good, and a lot nicer on the wallet. Remember to pick something that will suit your individual needs, and is built to last.

Be Safe out there.

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