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The Rookie Handbook is a Professional Development resource geared toward Cadets, Rookie Officers,and anyone in a training capacity in the field of Law Enforcement. The Rookie Handbook is intended to be a fact based overview of both common and not so common Police situations, at the Patrol level of enforcement. This book can also be used by FTO’s to help trainee’s memory, and familiarity with calls. The Rookie Handbook is also a great tool to use in table top/ mock scenarios with Trainees, Cadets and Explorers.The worst feeling as a Rookie Cop, is when someone on scene calls you a Rookie. It can be a hard blow to a new Officer's confidence, and it kills Police Presence. Educating one's self with effective resources is the only true way to build that muscle memory that is needed on Patrol.This book is by no means meant to replace the years of experience on the streets, that can only be gained by doing the job. However, this book can and will give you an on-hand resource and study guide to help you make confidant decisions in critical, and everyday situations working in the field of Law Enforcement. This book is a comprehensive look at best practices for practically every call one could face in the Law Enforcement field. The book is meant to keep you focused on what the end outcome should look like, regardless of how hectic the scene may be.

The Rookie Handbook

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