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Who I am, and what you’ll get

So here we are, my first blog post. I don’t know whether to be excited or nervous, or some weird shade of an emotion in between, nercited perhaps (a nice made up word if I do say so myself). Either way we’re here and this is Cadet, Rookie, Cop. Welcome!

A bit about me, I’m a short time cop, and a long time practitioner of the martial arts. I’m also a father, husband, son, brother, cousin, author, teacher, friend, student etc. The list is exhaustive, but I’m a human, just like anyone else. On top of that I’ve failed and made enough mistakes throughout life, in literally every aspect, that I’m sure just by the law of averages, I’ll start winning any day now. This blog will often cover Police related topics, and advice, but not always. Cadet, Rookie, Cop, not only signifies various career progressions within law enforcement, but represents various levels of expertise and experience in all aspects of life. Trust me, we’ll cover things that have absolutely nothing to do with cop stuff, and more often than you think.

I’m a big believer in hard work, being fair, and doing things the right way. My hope is someone, somewhere resonates with something they read here and use it to positively influence their lives.

Anyway, enough of that, let’s get into it!

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